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Abigail Lincoln, or Numbuh Five, is played over at [ profile] mayfield_rpg . She is taken from the fandom: CODENAME: Kids Next Door. Do you think I'm playing her off? Does she speak in third person too much? Should she say something more? This is still a learning process for me, but any comments, concerns or critique you have you can do so here.

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Okay, Numbuh Five wants to know.

Anyone else in the Kids Next Door get somethin' from the tree house?
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Numbuh Five has a question.

Just who the heck really thinks we're gonna listen?

Numbuh five ain't ever listened to no dumb adults before, not just gonna start now. Mom and dad and the teacher's don't count, but from what she's heard some "adult" drone things are running this place?

Numbuh Five doesn't think she likes that so much, and she ain't gonna be quiet about it.

And who the heck is out there tryin' to get new operatives? Numbuh Five's house can't take much more of that.
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[The phone picked up and for a moment there's silence as the twelve year old gathered herself.]

Numbuh Five wants ta know what's going on here. Numbuh Five's name is Abigail Lincoln, definitely not no 'Abigail Wind'.  And those people in those picture don't look like Numbuh Five's family. And Numbuh Five definitely can't mistake her daddy.

What the heck is going on here? Numbuh One, are you out there? What about the rest of ya guys? Numbuh Two, Numbuh Three, Numbuh Four? Heck, Numbuh Five sure would go for Numbuh Eighty-six or even Cree right about now.

Delightful dorks, if Numbuh Five finds out you're behind this , Numbuh Five is gonna kick your hiney. And that goes for any of ya dumb adults as well.


[A Pause.]

Doi! Anyone out there got clothes I could wear? Numbuh Five ain't gonna wear no dresses much longer.

Any KND operatives, Numbuh Five wants ya to report in immediately.


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